If you have problem feet, your shoes could be the reason why, as many ill-fitting, poorly designed shoes contribute to such conditions as bunions, corns and calluses and can irritate sensitive, diabetic or swollen feet. Good supportive shoes for swollen feet or foot deformities hold onto the foot, not the other way around. Adjustable shoes like those with Velcro®, can be a great way to accommodate swelling feet, and can help reduce chafing and irritation caused by tight-fitting shoes. Shoes for foot deformities should be quite roomy. Oxfords, for example, are good shoes– with their added-depth fit – can accommodate either of these problems.

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Professional and Expert Shoe Fittings

Our medical staff of Certified Pedorthists (C-Peds.) and therapeutic shoe fitters, have studied lower extremity anatomy, pathology and bio-mechanics, as well as shoe construction and modification and foot orthosis materials and fabrication. Their qualifications have been tested and accepted by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. (ABC) and they participate in continuing education programs to maintain their certification.

Internal Shoe Lifts  
When dealing with leg length discrepancy of 1/2” or less, internal heel lifts will most often do the trick. These can be fabricated within minutes in the store. Please make an appointment to insure a pedorthist is on staff to assist you.

External Shoe Sole/Heel Elevations  
The shoe lift is built into the sole of the shoe. We split the sole in half with a precision cut, cutting it into two pieces. We then insert the shoes lifts in between the two layers of your sole. The shoe lift is custom fitted, cut and tapered before the bottoms are put back on. This allows you to walk on it without noticing that there has been any type of modification done to your shoe.

Leg Length Discrepancy Evaluations  
Our Pedorthists can perform an initial assessment to determine whether you have a functional or structural leg length discrepancy. Methods of resolving the discrepancy will be discussed and along with your doctor or physical therapist we can determine the best method of treatment. A prescription & appointment is required to be measured by our Pedorthist.

Custom Orthotics/Diabetic Orthotics & Shoes 
Custom foot orthotics deliver biomechanical and accommodative support to help the foot function better, absorb and distribute shock, work to provide relief from pain and daily stress, help benefit total body alignment and postural complaints and protect the foot from injury. A prescription is required. Please call 440-975-9834 for more details or to make an appointment.