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Diabetic shoe descriptions

Since 1993, Medicare has covered certain therapeutic shoes for persons with diabetes who meet specified qualifying requirements.

As described under the Medicare’s Therapeutic Shoe Benefit the following qualifies a shoe thru the program.
Has to be an existing extra depth shoe that:

  1. Has a full length, heel to toe filler that when removed provides a minimum of 3/16” of additional depth used to accommodate multi-density inserts.
  2.  Is made from leather or other suitable material of equal quality.
  3. Has some form of shoe closure that is either of laces or velcro.
  4. Is available in full and half sizes with a minimum of three widths so that the sole is graded to the size and width of the upper portions of the shoe according to the American Standard last sizing schedule or its equivalent. (The American last sizing schedule is the numerical shoe sizing system used for shoes in the United States).

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